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Healthcare Innovation Spotlight: AI

Healthcare Innovation Spotlight: AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), is a huge topic in medicine right now. But how will this make a tangible impact on medicine. Reading an article published by IBM in 2023, helped me to see just what AI can do for the flow of everyday medicine:

Impacts of AI (IBM, 2023):

  • Speeding up paperwork, chart review, and other administrative tasks.

  • Virtual Nursing Assistants available 24/7

  • Preventing errors in medication dosing

  • Preventing medical fraud

  • Potential for lowered costs of treatment

  • Creating safe options for far reaching medical record systems

  • Monitor patient health data

Due to the rise in AI, it is almost certain that this technology will be even further reaching, when current premed students are physicians in the field. This is why we ought to acquaint ourselves with the AI’s ability to change the field of medicine for the better, and keep an eye on the research that comes out every day.

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