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Connect to a Mentor

This is your opportunity to get in touch with a member of our Advising Committee. 

Here is a list of areas in which we offer help and support:

  1. Academic tutoring in various pre-medical subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.

  2. MCAT preparation, including content review, practice exams, and study strategies.

  3. Guidance on the medical school application process, including personal statement writing, selecting schools, and interview preparation.

  4. Exploring different healthcare career paths and providing insights into specific specialties.

  5. Research opportunities and guidance on how to get involved in research as a pre-medical student.

  6. Assistance with selecting and planning pre-medical coursework, including choosing relevant electives and scheduling classes.

  7. Volunteer and community engagement opportunities in the healthcare field.

  8. Mentorship and advice on navigating the challenges and demands of a pre-medical journey.

  9. Providing resources and information on extracurricular activities that can enhance your medical school application.

  10. Support in building effective study habits, time management skills, and strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a pre-medical student.

Process of Getting Matched

Getting matched with a dedicated tutor, mentor, or coach is a seamless process through NPREMA. To begin, simply fill out the student registration form available below. This form will capture essential details about your academic background, specific areas of interest, and the type of support you are seeking. Once we receive your registration, our team will carefully review your information and match you with a suitable mentor or tutor who aligns with your needs and goals. the review process might take up to 14 days.

We prioritize creating meaningful connections between students and mentors who can provide guidance, academic support, and valuable insights. Our team will then facilitate the introduction and help establish a fruitful relationship between you and your assigned mentor or tutor.

While we strive to provide free tutoring to as many students as possible, it is important to acknowledge that offering free tutoring to everyone may not be feasible due to limited resources and the need for sustainability. As an organization, we rely on various means to support our tutoring programs, such as volunteer efforts, fundraising initiatives, and partnerships. These resources allow us to offer affordable and discounted tutoring options to a wider range of students, ensuring that our services remain accessible and of high quality. By adopting a balanced approach, we can continue to support as many students as possible while maintaining the long-term sustainability of our tutoring programs. To accommodate those needs, we offer discounted tutoring services at affordable rates up to 70% lower than the market rate. 

You Up

When seeking a mentor or tutor through NPREMA, it is important to provide us with some information about yourself to ensure the best possible match. We recommend sharing your academic background, including your GPA, as well as any specific areas of difficulty you are experiencing in your premed studies. Additionally, let us know your goals and aspirations as a premed student, including what medical specialty you are interested in pursuing. This will help us find a mentor or tutor who is well-suited to your needs and can provide you with guidance and support throughout your premed journey.

Thanks for submitting!

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