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We are a non-profit organization created by pre-meds for pre-meds. We are dedicated to fostering an all-inclusive pre-medical community nationwide.


Our vision is to revolutionize the pre-medical track through our student-based approach centered on collaboration, individualized guidance, and a constant stream of communication. From our extensive resources, mentorship program, medical student panels, and scholarship opportunities, we provide an equal opportunity for all to reach their full potential and become ambitious medical students.

Hospital Employees

Our Pillars 

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Here at NPreMA, we say it as it is: “By Pre-meds, For Pre-meds.” Our mission is to support you on your pre-medical journeys, a cause that is close to each of us, by constructing a personalized and tailored student-based approach to pre-med



We recognize the socioeconomic obstacles students face on the pre-medical track, and commit to actively breaking down such barriers by providing resources to those who need it most and thus allowing equal opportunity for all



Build a supportive network of pre-medical and medical students by taking advantage of our mentorship opportunities, study halls, and more



We offer the platform to raise awareness on important issues of social justice through our initiatives so that you can take action on the causes you care deeply about

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