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The Importance of Volunteerism

Through the process of applying to med school, the importance of volunteerism is clear. At this point, perhaps you have volunteered your whole life or maybe you are looking to get started on your volunteerism journey. Either way, below are some tips are some ideas you can use to get started on your non-clinical volunteerism.

As someone who has been actively involved in my local community, since I was a child, I’ve compiled a list of exciting ideas that you may be able to use finding places to volunteer.

What can I do to volunteer:

  • Serve food at a shelter

  • Help stock a food pantry/food bank

  • Find local nonprofit events during the holidays that need support (there are many that take volunteers!)

  • Participate in community and environmental cleanup efforts

  • Tutor students from your high school

  • Help maintain local community gardens

  • Coach a sports team with local community based program

  • Visits patients in the hospital

  • Tidy up at a beach clean up

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but maybe helpful in getting started or continuing your volunteerism journey. I hope you find this helpful and are able to get started in your local communities all around the world.

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