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Stop Hindering Your Ability to Grow by Comparing Yourself to Others

The academic and social environment of a pre-med student can sometimes be toxic and hostile. It is difficult to navigate the gatekeeping, competitive, and judgmental tendencies that may accompany pursuing this academic track; but, what others think of you is quite frankly none of your concern. The quicker you realize this, the happier you will be, and learn to not take things personally.

Breaking News: how people treat you is a reflection of themselves, not you. Do not waste valuable time feeling like an imposter and doubting your capabilities.

You can do anything you put your mind to. Point blank, period. NEVER let anyone make you feel as though you can't. Aspire to achieve a humble type of confidence by speaking positively about yourself and others. How you see yourself is how others will see you!

You absolutely got this!

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