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How to Build Habits and Stick to Them in 2024

Rome wasn’t built in one night! It is impossible to completely revamp your entire life in just a few days; therefore, adjusting your perspective and being realistic will be critical in your ability to adhere to the habits you wish to build. 

Incorporating new habits into your daily routines can often be intimidating and difficult to maintain long term.  On average, it takes approximately 66 days to successfully build a habit. That is why it is important to start slow and build gradually with time.

Based on my personal experiences, I have found that incorporating 2 new habits into my everyday routine is the magic number for me. Sticking to just 1 new habit proved to be not as challenging for me, but adding 2 new habits challenged me just enough to the point where it took a deliberate, conscious, and honest effort to maintain, but didn’t leave me feeling overwhelmed, and drained. 

If you are unsure where to start, perhaps you can begin by examining your current morning/night routine. In the morning, maybe strive to prioritize less screen time upon waking and instead go for a 10-30 min walk outside. If an early morning walk does not sound enjoyable, write down 3 things you are grateful for in a journal that you can keep on your bedside table. In the evening, maybe resolve to sleep at an earlier time, spend less time on your phone in bed before going to sleep, or lay out your clothes and bags for the day ahead to avoid the stress and chaos that mornings may bring. 

The name of the game in habit building is ultimately patience. Be patient with yourself and have respect for your journey to becoming a more improved, better version of yourself. Remember: this is a marathon, not a sprint. Generate consistency and progress in your life by initially aiming small, then gradually aiming bigger. You just may surprise yourself with how far you will go. Making and keeping promises to myself is what I have found has ultimately breaded self-confidence and satisfaction in my own life, and I hope that you too can share in these same sentiments!

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