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Breeding Self-Confidence and Discipline with Podcasts?

Life as a pre-med can be stressful. Now that the weather is finally warming up, go outside and pop on a podcast after a long day of attending lectures and studying! This is a great alternative to listening to music. In my experience, I have gained incredibly useful and empowering advice by listening to the following podcasts:

  • Huberman Lab by Andrew Huberman

  • Aware and Aggravated by Leo Skepi

  • The Ed Myelett Show by Ed Myelett

  • Real AF by Andy Frisella

  • The Mel Robbins Podcast by Mel Robbins

  • The Nick Bare Podcast by Nick Bare

  • On Purpose by Jay Shetty

Give it a go next time you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in the vicious cycle of self-doubt. You got this. We are rooting for you and your success!

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