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How I integrated wellness into my premed experience

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Integrating wellness into my premed track was vital to my success as an undergraduate student. Without a fitness outlet, I would’ve felt suffocated by the competitive tendencies of several premed students and the challenging coursework.

My sophomore year, I began frequenting a local spin studio in my college town. Many students, along with locals, attended this studio. This gave me the opportunity to escape campus for 45 minutes everyday. I vividly remember my first class — the room was dark. The only source of light, three lit candles provided me with just enough visibility to view the instructor. At the end of the class, I felt like a new person. I had just finished a difficult organic chemistry exam and was able to forget about it while in that dark room. The instructor constantly repeated to us to leave all our distractions outside of the room and that is advice I will use for the rest of my medical career.

I was so inspired by the words of my instructor that I desired to spread her mindset to others by becoming an instructor myself. My junior year, I began teaching spin classes on a weekly basis. I created meaningful relationships with clients from a variety of backgrounds. For once, I felt like I was not constantly surrounded my students talking about our next physics exam.

Being a spin instructor provided me with an essential wellness outlet that helped me through my premed experience. Distracting yourself for just a few moments everyday from stress is vital to your progress and growth as a human being.

I hope this experience inspires you to find a resource, like a spin studio, to take an absolutely necessary break.

Mia Edelson, Health and Wellness Chair

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