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Believing in Yourself: What We Can Learn from Dan Sullivan’s The Gap and the Gain

Recently, I learned that high achievers tend to never be content with their achievement. So what can we do about this? Dan Sullivan’s The Gap and the Gain provides insight into what one can do to maximize success while being grateful for the success or the “gains” that you have every day.

While this text is intended for a corporate audience, I find that it can apply to anyone, especially students. One take away that I had from the book which is helped me to tangibly appreciate my daily success is this:

Write down three “wins” every night.

This idea, similar to a gratitude practice, helps one to be aware of even the smallest things that they achieve every day. And this recognition, the author argues, will help you to continue to achieve. 

I find this applicable to all students, but specifically students undergoing a premedical education. There may be challenges, but there certainly will be wins as well. It is crucial to recognize these.

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