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Based in the Philadelphia and Greater Philadelphia regions, Lifelines is a service art initiative with a mission rooted in healing, expression, and connection. 


Recognizing the unique challenges faced by individuals, healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, and family, we hope to extend a creative lifeline—a means to navigate, process, and find solace in life's complexities.


Lifelines recognizes the physical and emotional challenges patients often face during their healthcare journey. Through our art-centered events, we hope to provide patients with a means to express their emotions, cope with their experiences, and find a sense of agency fostering a positive mindset and contributing to overall well-being.


We at Lifelines understand firsthand and recognize the emotional toll caregiving can take. This is why we want to provide a supportive space for families to connect, share their experiences, and find comfort through art. In this way, families and caregivers can navigate their own emotional landscapes, building resilience and a sense of community with others facing similar challenges.


Lifelines acknowledges the mental and emotional weight that healthcare professionals often carry. Through art, healthcare professionals can find a unique outlet to process their experiences, reduce burnout, and enhance their well-being. We also hope that our events can help healthcare professionals discover a renewed sense of purpose and connection, reinforcing their ability to provide compassionate care. 


Lifelines welcomes all individuals seeking a space for expression and connection! Whether facing health challenges or simply navigating the complexities of life, participants can always find connection and support in our community. 

Art Class

At the heart of our mission is the belief that art has the capacity to bridge gaps and create connections. Lifelines actively seeks to unite unique individuals and communities, where the universal language of art transcends differences, enabling individuals to express themselves and connect. 

Our events are inclusive and accessible, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstance, can participate! Our events focus on giving individuals a collective space, community, tools, and support to reflect, connect and thrive. With every stroke of the brush, line of the pencil and conversation held, we hope that Lifelines helps our communities become a more understanding and kind place. 


Everyone has a story to tell and to listen to. Come join us at Lifelines!

Lauren Yang

Hi! My name is Lauren Yang. I graduated from NYU with a bachelor’s degree in biology. I am now working as a clinical research coordinator in the Cardiology Department at the University of Pennsylvania. As someone who is passionate about art myself, I believe that drawing and painting are an amazing way to communicate and connect with others. I am often asked to draw portraits of others, and I love listening to their stories, and learning why this person is so special to whoever is asking me to draw them. Art is a powerful way to build relationships and communicate with the people and world around us, and I am excited to provide a space to do so! 

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