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Mentor Profile

Eli Grenader

Eli is a dedicated volunteer tutor who thrives on supporting high school students through academic coaching and unconventional tutoring sessions. His passion for education extends beyond traditional methods, often incorporating activities like chess with his mentees to foster engagement and critical thinking skills.

As part of the Education Equity Foundation Program, Eli focuses on empowering students from low-income backgrounds and underserved populations who aspire to enter the healthcare field. He finds immense satisfaction in building long-lasting relationships with his mentees, providing not only academic guidance but also personal support and encouragement.

One of Eli’s notable achievements includes assisting a refugee student in navigating the complex process of applying to a nursing program as a foreigner. His patient guidance and advocacy were instrumental in helping the student overcome barriers and achieve their educational goals.

Eli’s commitment to educational equity and his innovative approach to tutoring make him a valuable asset to the Education Equity Foundation Program, where he continues to make a meaningful impact on the lives of aspiring healthcare professionals.


Volunteer Tutor at Education Equity Foundation Program


English, Russian

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