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Wellness and Self-Care for Pre-Med Students: Managing Stress and Burnout

Being a student can be undeniably challenging. When your days are filled with lectures and evenings are filled with review you may find little time to take care of yourself. In my studies, I found the managing stress was crucial to avoiding burnout. But how, you might be thinking, can I incorporate self care into my incredibly busy schedule? I quickly learned that the only way I would have time to relax and take care of my personal needs was this:

Schedule your self-care time. 

I, like many hyper-organized individuals, rely on my Google Calendar during the semester. I found that when I schedule in time specifically for stress management and make a commitment to blocking this time off on my calendar, I would be able to execute it. This trick has helped me to stave off any potential burnout, and will serve me well as I continue my education.

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