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Pre-Med Mental Health #9: The Importance of Routines

Many people underestimate the impact that a daily routine can have on improving their mental health and wellbeing. Especially as pre-med students with busy schedules, enforcing a routine can lighten our mental load and reduce our stress levels. A great way to implement a routine is to do things, like walking your dog or making dinner, at the same time each day to make sure that they get done (Piedmont Health, 2022). Similarly, planning ahead and reducing the number of decisions that you need to make each day can help you enforce your routines (Piedmont Health, 2022). Doing simple things like picking out your clothes the night beforehand can lessen your anxiety levels later on (Piedmont Health, 2022). By lessening the amount of energy that is being spent on basic tasks, routines can help you conserve energy for doing work and engaging in activities you want to do (Piedmont Health, 2022). Incorporating small mindfulness exercises into your daily routine is a great way to ensure that you are prioritizing your mental wellness. Examples of short habits that can be incorporated into your day include 5 minute gratitude journaling each morning, sipping your daily coffee without looking at your phone, and a 10 minute meditation at night.


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Written By: Mariam Trichas

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