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Pre-Med Mental Health #1: The Importance of Mindfulness as a Pre-Med Student

This is the first post in the pre-med mental health series, which has been created with the aim of giving pre-med students advice on how to better manage their mental wellbeing through mindfulness.

Being a pre-med student can feel a lot like running a marathon–it is a long, arduous journey that often leaves little time for rest and relaxation. The inevitable obstacles in this race to the finish can also manifest in the form of fear and anxiety. All of this can lead to the feeling of burnout that causes many students to give up and pursue a less taxing career.

Similarly, many pre-med students feel the need to always be working as there seems to be an endless amount of things to do. Cutting time for socializing, exercise, and hobbies is commonplace in order to make more time for work, volunteering, and extracurriculars. While some sacrifice is necessary, it is not healthy to stop doing things you enjoy. Incorporating these things into your life is essential to wellbeing, productivity, and longevity on the long and arduous pre-med journey.

Additionally, managing your mental state is an important but often overlooked part of being a successful pre-med student. Learning how to live in the present moment is an incredibly useful tool that can help us react less to emotions and lighten the load of being a pre-med student. This, in turn, can improve the quality of our lives by giving us more energy to approach our studies, relationships, and hobbies with. The act of staying in the present is called mindfulness and in this series, we will talk about its effectiveness for pre-med students.

Written By: Mariam Trichas

Edited By: Dhwani Bharvad

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